Latinos for Education is a registered 501(c) (3) charity and your gift is fully tax-deductible. For more information on Latinos for Education’s financial history, please see our Annual Report, view our most recent financial audit or download our Form 990 (pdf).

We are so incredibly grateful for the solidarity and commitment of our community of educators, students, leaders, families, change-makers, and funders. America’s dream of educational equity demands fierce commitment and collective action and Latinos for Education is scaling fast to meet the challenges of this critical moment.

Our pledge is to focus all our resources and energy on repairing, rebuilding, and reimagining a new education system. Please join us by making a gift today. Together, we can rise up with one voice to claim equitable opportunity for our students.

Naila Bolus, CEO of Jumpstart

“We tend to think of leadership as isolated roles, and it can be at times. But what will ultimately change the system is to build deep, authentic relationships and partnerships across difference. Jumpstart was one of the first organizations to participate in Latino Board Fellowship. The value add of Jumpstart’s partnership with Latinos for Education is threefold: we focus on a critical need, our efforts become a consistent voice, and collaboratively we lift up Latinos into positions of leadership and advocacy.”

Christina Jusino, Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellow

“There are many programs that do a great job of developing you as a leader, but this specific program helped identify others who share my culture, background, story, and experiences to bring us together in fellowship. The Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship made me realize that my leadership story needs to include my identity in it.”


 Thank you to the organizations and individuals who believe in us and our mission. We appreciate your ongoing support.