Latinos for Education is catalyzing the leadership and voice of the Latino community in the education sector. We do this by:

  1. Accelerating leadership pipelines: we promote equitable representation of Latino education leaders. Our leadership development programs attract and retain more Latinos to the education sector and create leadership pathways for positions with direct student impact and decision-making authority at the classroom, school, and district level.  
  1. Mobilizing leaders and communities:we gather, lift, and activate the collective Latino community voice on unique issues impacting Latino students and families via advocacy in Massachusetts, Greater Houston and nationally.
  1. Leveraging technology: we harness technology through EdCentro with a virtual community of Latino education leaders across the country to advance networks, build communities of practice, share resources and engage in professional development.

JOIN US! Latinos for Education provides competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits including: health care, vision, dental, 401(k) matching, and generous paid time off.

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Current Openings:

Applicants will be required to upload a résumé and complete all information in the application form. If you are interested in applying to any of these roles, click the link below.

Application: Director of Alumni and Network Engagement
Application: Fellowship Learning Facilitator

Hiring Process for Full-Time Roles:
Latinos for Education follows a structured three-stage application process. Based on performance, compelling candidates will progress through:

  • Round 1: Phone Screen
  • Round 2: Virtual Interview
  • Round 3: In-Person Interview Day