We support an ecosystem of Latino education leaders to access highly influential roles and opportunities. The Latino Leadership Program, Latino Board Fellows Program and the Talent Hub provide pathways for the increased representation and impact of Latino education leaders. Through our programming and support, we are infusing more Latino talent into positions of influence in the education sector.


Focuses on accelerating the careers of emerging Latino education leaders. Participants explore the diaspora of Latino identities and receive training on becoming stronger community advocates.

Latino Board Fellows Program

Identifies, supports, and matches Latino leaders outside of education to join high-performing education nonprofit boards. We provide board training and content focused on Latino educational experiences.

Talent Hub

Connects Latinos to professional development, career opportunities, and other Latinos in the education sector. Our platform fosters community building with our national network of Latino education leaders and we partner with select organizations seeking Latino talent.



We are unapologetic about who we are and how our identity shapes our perspective. We value authenticity and we see our experiences and histories as a source of pride.
We act with passion and conviction because we value the assets of the Latino community. We embrace struggle as a means to achieving success for Latino students and families.
We see value in knowledge, relationships, and ideas that may be different than our own. We seek to learn and become more inclusive with others in a multicultural world.
We are fierce advocates of educational justice fueled by love, hope and belief in the Latino community. We work to create systems of mutual accountability so Latino students are better served.
While we celebrate individual heroics, we know that educational equity will be achieved through a shared vision and collaboration. We work together to navigate, challenge and change structures that remove barriers to Latino educational prosperity.