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Con Ganas We Can is a blog dedicated to amplifying the Latino voice in the education sector. The purpose of this blog is to bring attention to the work of Latino leaders at forefront of education issues.

We know Latino leaders are making significant contributions across the education sector, yet their voices are not always included in dialogue about education. Con Ganas We Can is a collection of insights and stories that spotlights a diverse group of Latino leaders working in schools, districts and other education organizations. This blog includes viewpoints on Latino leadership in education and highlights the work of Latino leaders collectively pursuing a more equitable education for students across the country. By following this blog, you can expect to learn more about inpiring leaders in the Latinos for Education network and how their backgrounds and experiences inform their leadership and amplify their impact.

Our blog is titled Con Ganas We Can  the expression “con ganas” means to act with passion and conviction. This phrase fuels our work at Latinos for Education because we believe that Latino students and families deserve advocates who work wholeheartedly alongside them. Working “con ganas” is an organizational value at Latinos for Education – underscoring all our efforts.

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In the coming months, we will highlight members of the Latinos for Education network by featuring guest bloggers making an impact in education. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please contact us at info@latinosforeducation.org.

Latinos for Education is a network of education leaders dedicated to elevating the voice, leadership and influence of the Latino community. Our members make up a coalition of Latinos that serve as teachers, administrators, nonprofit leaders, executives, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers, and community organizers. If you identify as Latino and want to create more equitable opportunities for Latino students, we invite you to join this community by creating a profile here.

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Our Collective Responsibility to a Generation of Latinos
By: Amanda Fernandez   | July 25, 2017
Today, NewSchools Venture Fund released a report entitled “Unrealized Impact”, a groundbreaking study on diversity, equity and inclusion in the education sector.

What It Means to be Latino and Working in Education Today: Part I
Interview by: R.D. Leyva | September 15, 2017
We are beginning Hispanic Heritage Month with a 5-part series about being Latino and working in education in 2017. This interview was conducted with Dr. Nancy Gutierrez, Chief Strategy Officer at the New York City Leadership Academy.

Teaching About Our History Can Create a More Equitable Future: Part II of Being Latino in Education
Interview by: R.D. Leyva | September 22, 2017
The second interview in our 5-part Hispanic Heritage Month series is with Antonio Plascencia, Jr who serves as the Director of Civic Engagement for the Los Angeles Unified School District. He discusses the value in teaching our students about their histories as Latinos so we can create a new future.

Connecting Social Justice to Our Economic Future: Part III of Being Latino in Education
Interview by: R.D. Leyva | September 29,2017
Hispanic Heritage Month continues with the third of five installments discussing what it means to be Latino in education today. Omar Yanar is the Founder and CEO of El Paso Leadership Academy and he shares why Latino educational success is an economic imperative.

A Dreamer Reminds Us Our Kids Will Write Our History: Part IV of Being Latino in Education
Interview by: R.D. Leyva | October 6, 2017
Marissa Molina is a DACAmented educator and serves as the Manager of Community Engagement at Rocky Mountain Prep in Denver. In the fourth installment of the 5-part series for Hispanic Heritage Month, she discuss her identities as a Latina and Dreamer and reminds us that our kids will write our future.

The Street Is Not the Only Place for a Raised Fist: Part V of Being Latino in Education
Interview by: R.D. Leyva | October 13, 2017
Ricardo Jara is the Special Assistant to the Superintendent for Equity and Innovation at Madison Metropolitan School District. In our final installment for Hispanic Heritage Month, Ricardo discusses why we should make more room at the table for more Latinos and the value of advocating from the classroom to the boardroom.

Taking A Seat At The Table
By: Maritere Mix | October 23, 2017
Maritere Mix discusses her experience as an inaugural fellow of the Latino Board Fellows cohort and how the program prepared her to navigate the nonprofit board room.

Showing Latino Students That Educators Are Community Helpers
By: Velia Soto | November 17, 2017
Velia Soto shares her experience as an educator and principal in Chicago and discusses the value in exposing Latino students to careers in education.