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For students of color to thrive in the classroom, they need to see themselves represented in the classroom. To ensure all students encounter teachers and mentors who understand and validate their experiences, we must break down the systemic barriers that prevent the recruitment and retention of educators of color.

Help us advocate for students and educators of color to have an equitable and affirming educational environment. Email your legislators today and ask them to express support for the Educator Diversity Act to legislative leadership.

The Latinx Teachers Fellowship provides a cohort of K-12 teachers in Massachusetts, Houston and the Bay Area with a learning network of peers and the tools to collaboratively prepare to maintain and improve the skills needed to serve large ELL populations

Pass the Educator Diversity Act!

In 2020, Latinos for Education convened a coalition of 50 organizations across the educator pipeline with the goal of creating a policy proposal, now known as the Educator Diversity Act, to address some of the biggest barriers faced by educators of color. Through the advocacy of our coalition and our legislative champions, the Educator Diversity Act amassed significant support in the last legislative session, including 50 legislative co-sponsors. Although the Educator Diversity Act passed unanimously in the State House of Representatives, it did not reach the governor’s desk before the end of the session.  

A landmark legislation, the Educator Diversity Act, would be the first of its kind in the nation and will serve as a national model for diversifying the teacher pipeline through state-level policy. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has a stated goal of increasing the percentage of diverse educators from 8% to 25% by 2030. However, new research shows the gap between educators of color and students of color is widening. The Educator Diversity Act will give DESE and local districts the policy tools needed to achieve this commendable goal while addressing some of the most pertinent barriers for educators of color.  

Meet the Organizing Alliance

The Organizing Alliance is a dynamic group Latino educators and school leaders who leverage their experience in the education system to advocate for the Educator Diversity Act by meeting with legislators, elevating the voice of other educators of color and sharing their own stories of challenges and opportunities. Learn about them and their stories below.

Educator Diversity Act Coalition Partners:

Laying the Groundwork for Policy Change

Download the Educator Diversity Act white paper

In this report, we spotlight the work of the Massachusetts Educator Diversity Act Coalition to push for policy and practice change in diversifying the educator workforce in a cohesive and tactical way.

We draw on perspectives shared during eleven, in-depth interviews with members representing the breadth of diversity at the coalition table and present findings on the conditions for success, the actions taken by the Educator Diversity Act Coalition, and outcomes and lessons learned from statewide efforts to infuse the voice of BILPOC students and educators into equity-focused policy and advocacy efforts.

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