“The cost of attending college should never be a barrier for students that want to pursue their college dreams, yet we know that Latinos face a disproportionately higher financial burden in their pursuit of higher education, and end up with more student loan debt as a result. President Biden’s student debt cancellation program would have helped more than half of Latino borrowers gain some much-needed relief from their student loan debt, money they could have used to purchase homes, raise families and put it back into their local economies. Latinos for Education is deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Biden administration’s student debt forgiveness program, which will impact thousands of Latino college graduates.  

We urge the Administration to take whatever steps necessary to provide relief to student loan borrowers during this unprecedented time, and to increase federal financial aid for current students so they do not face these same challenges.”  


About Latinos for Education:

Latinos for Education is a national education non-profit organization focused on developing, placing, and connecting essential Latino talent in the education sector. The organization is mobilizing a network of skilled education leaders to ensure the voice of students and families is not only heard but factored into decision-making in schools, communities and education institutions throughout the U.S. The organization also ensures Latino education professionals have access to a nationwide network of peers as well as career and professional development opportunities across the country through the members-only EdCentro network. For more information visit: https://www.latinosforeducation.org.

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