President Biden’s Address highlights critical education priorities for Latino students, teachers and parents

Washington, D.C. – Latino students represent close to 30 percent of all students in our nation’s public schools and their success both in preK-12 and postsecondary education will shape our nation’s economy and workforce for decades to come. Yet, Latino students and families face significant and unique challenges that prevent them from obtaining a high quality education and other educational opportunities.  In his 2023 State of the Union Address, President Biden highlighted critical education priorities that will help ensure Latino students and families have access to equitable educational opportunities that can help them succeed in our public schools and college:

President Biden’s commitment to providing working class families with access to high-quality child care and early childhood education programs will help ensure millions of Latino children are able to get an early start on their educational journey. Latino families, unfortunately, live in communities where high-quality child care and early childhood education programs are hard to find. We urge the Administration and Congress to work together to expand access to culturally and linguistically diverse early care and education programs. This includes a diverse workforce who are paid livable wages and have access to growth opportunities in the field.

We commend President Biden for highlighting the need to increase teacher pay. By increasing teacher pay, it will also help increase diversity within our teaching profession by creating new pathways for Latinos to enter the profession and new incentives for districts to recruit and retain Latino educators.

We applaud President Biden for renewing his commitment to helping hardworking individuals tackle some of the student debt that keeps them from obtaining economic mobility. Harnessing the talent of Latino students and preparing them for our workforce will require that college be accessible and affordable for more Latino students and that our institutions of higher education are able to support Latino students obtain a postsecondary degree or certificate. 

We thank President Biden for highlighting these priorities in his State of the Union address and look forward to working with the Biden Administration and the 118th Congress on ensuring the Latino community has equitable access to quality educational opportunities.

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Anthony Perez