Read Our Report Featuring Latino Educator and Parent Voices on Assessments and Accountabiliy

The future of assessments became a trending and heavily debated topic when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the physical closure of schools. In 2022, Latinos for Education commissioned a national poll from Barreto Segura Partners (BSP) Research to survey random sample of Latino parents, guardians and educators on the views, perspectives, and attitudes on assessments and accountability systems in the public-school sector.

In addition to the nationally representative survey, three focus groups were conducted to gather qualitative data. 

This report summarizes data points, quotes, and comments gathered from survey respondents (n=500) and focus groups participants (n=37), but information is not triangulated with external sources, literature, or studies. Instead, this report offers a choir of first-hand accounts that uniquely provide Latino educators, parents, and guardians an opportunity to speak without the limitations of predetermined policy positions, leading questions, or expectations for alignment on key talking points. As such, this report does not advocate for, nor provide messaging guidance around, any particular side of the debate. In fact, a data analysis of information gathered revealed that there is no universal Latino perspective on assessments and accountability. Instead, Latinos hold diverse and nuanced perspectives on the benefits, challenges, and utility of assessments and accountability measures. The report summarizes key findings and takeaways that seek to inform where Latinos currently stand on the topic of assessments and accountability.

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