National Principles for a Latino Education Agenda

Latinos represent the fastest-growing share of the U.S. labor force, yet tend to be concentrated in occupations that require less education and where wage growth is slowest. Lower levels of educational attainment among Latinos constitute an impediment to our economic growth.

While the Latino high school completion and college enrollment rates are improving, significant gaps in academic achievement between Latino children and their non-Latino peers remain at all stages of a student’s educational journey. Education is supposed to be the great equalizer; that has not been the case for Latino children.

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If we, as a nation, are going to meet the demands of the 21st century global economy, we must ensure that all Latino children have the education and skills necessary to maintain our competitive advantage in the world.

Decisions about educating Latino students must include the voices of those closest to our students: Latino educators. Latino educators have identified the following three principles as critical to closing both the opportunity and achievement gaps and ensuring Latino success in education and beyond.

  1. Early Childhood Access
  2. Increased Representation of Latino Education Leaders
  3. College Access and Attainment

We believe these national principles have the ability to appeal broadly to our diverse community of Latinos and are relevant to both national and local conversations around education. Most importantly, creating solutions in each of these principle areas has the ability to change education outcomes for Latino students.  

We are building an alliance of individuals and organizations who believe in these principles. The names of the alliance members will be shared with the 2020 presidential candidates to demonstrate our collective power and we are encouraging candidates to publicly state their positions on these education issues. We invite you to join this campaign by adding your name to the alliance. In doing so, we will continue sharing regular updates around this campaign, including ways to take action.

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We are building an alliance of Latino leaders and organizations that will sign on to these principles Signatories agree to:

  • Be identified as a supporter of these principles
  • Share the principles and related communication with their network
  • Drive local action
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Once you sign on to these principles, you will continue to receive updates on opportunities to take action and continue to be informed when policymakers engage with these principles.

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