In less than 4 years, 1 in 3 public school students in America will be Latinx.

We need more inclusive and creative solutions so all students can access the quality education they need to achieve their full potential. Latinx entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to Lead with their Identity and Bridge Across Cultures to develop approaches with our students’ success front and center.

We believe we can create the most change by tackling this gap starting at the first four stages of the entrepreneurial journey. First, inspiring and teaching innovation and design tools to those who haven’t yet imagined it is possible to lead through innovation and entrepreneurship; and second, supporting and propelling early stage ventures to dramatically change the ecosystem.


Whether the innovation and entrepreneurship hustle lingo sound like mumbo jumbo or you already have an early-stage venture to dramatically change the education ecosystem, at the Latinx Education Innovation Summit we have two track options. Select yours and apply to join La Familia and ignite change through innovation and entrepreneurship.


Latinx Edupreneurs Pitch Competition

Are you currently working on an education solution and need resources and a supportive community to fast-track development? Advance your innovative startup and compete for funding through the Edupreneurs track.


Do you want to gain more understanding and hands-on experience with innovation and entrepreneurship? Let your imagination run riot and learn to turn that hacking mindset into something tangible while prototyping education solutions.


Pitch Competition Edupreneurs

The application is located on the members-only section of our website called the Talent Hub. To apply for the Latinx Pitch Competition, you must also have a completed profile on the Talent Hub. If you do not have a profile, you will be asked to complete a profile before you can proceed to the page entitled “Application”, where the pitch competition application can be found. Upon completion of a Talent Hub profile, you will be an active member of Latinos for Education. Membership is free.

Priority deadline: July 14, 2019

Final deadline: August 11, 2019

An edupreneur is an entrepreneur who works within the education sector.

We encourage you to apply if:

1. You have an original and creative solution to ensure Latinx students, and all students, access the quality education they need to achieve their full potential,
2. You are a Latinx Edupreneur who Leads from Your Identity and cares about Bridging Across Cultures,
3. You are at least 18 years old,
4. You are working on an early-stage idea and have received no more than $100K in revenue or seed funding,
5. You and your team are committed to continue working on the venture after the competition,
6. You are committed to connecting and collaborating with the Latinos for Education familia, and
7. If selected, you are available to:

  • Attend a virtual orientation and submit some pre-work before the event
  • Attend the Latinx Education Innovation Summit on October 25 and 26 in Boston, Massachusetts. Participants residing outside of Boston will receive hotel and travel stipend.
  • Seed grant funding recipients must commit to virtual follow-up coaching sessions

No. Pitch competition finalists will receive hotel and travel stipend.

The priority deadline is Sunday, July 14, 2019. Applications received by this timeframe are more likely to receive an invitation to an interview and learn of their application status earlier than those that apply by the final deadline timeframe.

The final application deadline is Sunday, August 11, 2019. Applicants will be assigned interview times based on availability.

Selected finalists must confirm participation and register by August 28, 2019.

¡Claro que no!. This is not a technology-focused event. Ideas might include both EDtech and non EDtech solutions as long as they are disruptive approaches with our students’ success front and center.

No yet. We understand this might still be your side hustle.

You do not have to be incorporated but you can apply if you are already incorporated.


We all have innovation potential within ourselves. At home and at work, we’re always “hacking”, meaning designing ways to make our lives easier and our communities more equitable. A great way to learn how to turn that hacking mindset into something tangible is by having the time and space to practice in low-risk settings.

Anyone over 18 years old with a true passion for helping students achieve their full potential and tackling the problems impacting equity and quality of education in the public education sector is welcomed to apply to this track. Because space is limited, applications will be assessed based on levels of experience and educational backgrounds including education, business, marketing, engineering, public affairs, among others.  This will allow us to ensure that we have a critical mass of superpowers and backgrounds on each team. After all, without diversity there is no creativity and without creativity there is no innovation.

¡Claro que no! This is not a technology-focused event. Solutions might include both EDtech and non EDtech solutions as long as they are disruptive approaches with our students’ success front and center. The hackathon track is not the traditionally coding hackathon. In fact, there will be no coding involved. After all, Hacker means more than a computer person. As the Oxford English Dictionary defines it, a Hacker is “a person or thing that cuts roughly”. In the Hacker’s track, you would learn how to cut through though problems impacting the lives of students and come up with solutions to disrupt the education system. We will provide participants with guidance and resources to quickly prototype a solution whether that is an online application or an afterschool program.

No. Just your passion and creative juices! This hackathon starts with Problems of Practice (PoP), which will be previously formulated on well documented gaps on topics such as supports for students and community engagement, diversity at all levels of the system, recruitment of and training for educators, personalized learning as it pertains to English language learners, among others. Selected applicants will be given the option to rank the PoPs by preference and we will do our best to place them in one of their top choices.

Yes! This is a fiesta you don’t want to miss. More than an event this is an experience that can’t happen with half of the Familia. Please register only if you can attend both days.

Boston, Massachusetts
October 25 and 26 of 2019